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Jamestown, MI

Latitude: 42° 50' 32" N  (42.8422°)

Longitude: 85° 50' 6" W  (-85.8350°)

Elevation: 738ft



Davis Vantage Pro 2 Wireless

-Anemometer Type: 3 Cup Nylon Bearing

-Anemometer Height: 20ft

-Temperature Type: Grille Un-Aspirated Ventilation

-Temperature Elevation: 8ft

-Rain Gauge Type: Tipping Bucket .01"

-Rain Gauge Height: 8ft

*Note: Tipping bucket automatic rain gauges are

         known to lose some accuracy during

         extremely heavy rainfall events.



Davis WeatherLink

Update Frequency

Cam: Every 5 Minutes

Current Conditions: Every 5 Minutes

Highs and Lows: Every 1 hour

Monthly Summary: Every 1 hour


Data Sharing

Weather Underground ID: KMIJAMES2

Citizen Weather Observer Program ID: CW9987


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Never base important decisions on this or any weather information obtained from the internet.